writing an article about home automation

writing an article about home automation

Post by Sumn » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 05:52:38

I am a journalism professor and * writer near Indianapolis who
is writing a non-technical article about home automation for "Angie's
List," a nationally circulated magazine and service provider referral
network for homeowners.  (see www.angieslist.com)  I am looking for
people whom I can interview by telephone (or e-mail if necessary) to
discuss some of the cool and useful things you do with home
automation.  The basic purpose of this article is to explain some of
the main things readers who may not be familiar with it can do with
home automation. Because this magazine only publishes regional
editions in certain cities, I need to find sources within the
metropolitan area of these cities: Indianapolis, Columbus, Akron, and
OH; Tampa, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, C*te, NC; Boston, Cincinnati,
Atlanta and St. Louis. I am also looking for certified installers in
those areas who may be able to get some free publicity out of this.

If you would like to talk to me, please send a private e-mail to me at

give me a general idea of what you are doing and would like to talk
about.  I don't know what kind of response to expect, but I promise to
answer every e-mail eventually.  Because of a weekend trip, I may not
be able to reply until the middle of next week.  My deadline for the
article is July 21. Thank you.
David Sumner


1. Home-Automation.org - official website of comp.home.automation?

Hi.  It seems like a lot of questions asked in comp.home.automation are
answered by telling people to go to home-automation.org.  (Questions like where
to find software, what hardware does xyz, where are my choices for IR control,

I'm wondering if we can come to some kind of decision about making
home-automation.org kind of an official/unofficial website of
comp.home.automation?  What do you think?

Yes... I am directly associated with home-automation.org, so I can pull some
strings and get comp.home.automation put on home-automation.org in a highly
visible area, so it's a two-way street that ties together the web and newsgroup
home automation communities.

By the way, there are a lot of great home automation sites (HomeToys, TechHome,
X-Home, etc), but they all feature their own information.  Home-Automation.org
is different because it's nothing but links, so it isn't biased.  It just has
links to *everything* having to do with home automation (including HomeToys,
TechHome, and the other information sites).

Ok that's my proposal.  What do you think about this?


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