Apex destiny 6100

Apex destiny 6100

Post by NMarkow1 » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I just installed an Apex Destiny 6100 system in my customers home for assisting
his wifes disabilitys although built for security industry it makes a great
automation system also with its built in voice speakers ,phone control
,thermostat, x10 etc
and ademco 5800 wireless capabilty.

if your looking for a home automation panel you may want to check out this one.


1. apex destiny 6100 anybody tried this one ??

i am comparing several systems ie:dsc power 832 and home vision for combined
security and automation and was wondering if anyone had tried the destine
6100 from apes (ademco) as to its x-10 capabilities.  does it retain
programming as the new house is on a barrier island and is prone to several
power outages (only shot ones 5 to 10 min) frequently ??
thanks in advance


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