Buyer beware- GE Wireless phone jack system

Buyer beware- GE Wireless phone jack system

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After seeing it in mags I bought one for my study.    The packaging says for
"modems, fax machines, answering machines..."

After many hours of frustration on dropped connections I call their tech support.

"We're sorry, it is only verified to work up to 14.4k..."


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A fellow I work with asked me if the so-called "Wireless Phone Jacks"
(powerline carrier) would work for a computer modem.  I haven't had any
experience with them.  My questions would be:

1.  Do they work at all?

2.  If so, would they work with a modem?

3.  Would they have the same difficulty as X-10 bridging from one phase leg
to the other?

4.  If so, would a passive X-10 bridge help, or does it bridge at the wrong

He has no other PLC devices in his house, so interference would not be a

Appreciate any help.

Paul Heinzerling

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