Any experience with Radio Shack Video Cameras?

Any experience with Radio Shack Video Cameras?

Post by Larry F » Thu, 23 Nov 2000 04:00:00 has two cameras on clearance.

the 980-1108 B&W camera and the 980-0768 B&W 900Mhz system.  I think both
are discontinued models.
Does anyone have experience with these?


1. Radio Shack video cable A-B switch for IR control

Radio Shack makes an A-B video switch that comes with a remote control to
switch from A-B using IR.

Has any one figured out if this can be done with a universal, but non
learning, remote.  I have a universal remote that has almost every
manufacturer known to man in it, but is not a learning type, and I would
love to have it control this A-B switch also.

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