Homeseer = computer resource hog ?

Homeseer = computer resource hog ?

Post by wert » Mon, 30 Jul 2001 03:36:35

i have it using 5% of system resources.
anybody with results please post.

Homeseer = computer resource hog ?

Post by John LeMa » Mon, 30 Jul 2001 09:54:40

> i have it using 5% of system resources. anybody with results please
> post.

5% of what? Here on a Windows 2000 machine with 128 MBytes of RAM and a
500 MHz Celeron processor HomeSeer 1.4.39 is using 5,380 KBytes of RAM
and no noticable CPU when idle.


Homeseer = computer resource hog ?

Post by Dennis Heidne » Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:12:35

5% of a 90 Mhz Pentium MMX processor, providing web support, voice
recognition, alarm monitoring, IR control, is pretty impressive.

1. HP PrecsionScan Software - A Resource Hog?

My scanner is a HP5100C.

I own two OCR products, Presto! OCR Pro V3.0 and Textbridge Pro 98.
When I installed Presto! it gave me two choices of scanners to choose.
They were (1) AccuPage v2.0 and (2) PrecisionScan 1.01. I chose to use
AccuPage v2.0 because it performs a lot faster than PrecisionScan
1.01. Details on this will follow.

When I installed Textbridge Pro 98 the only scanner choice I could
select was PrecisionScan 1.01. In the long, long list of scanners
presented to me there was no choice for AccuPage v2.0. I was forced to
choose PrecisionScan 1.01.

As a result it takes Textbridge 40 seconds to load whereas is takes
Presto! only 10 seconds to load. Using AccuPage v2.0, it takes Presto!
30 seconds to scan and process a page. Using PrecisionScan 1.01 it
takes Textbridge 95 seconds to scan and process the same page.
When closing Presto! after I'm done it takes only a second or two.
When closing Textbridge after I'm done it takes 30 seconds.
If I set up Textbridge to run without a scanner it loads quickly and
closes quickly.

So, here's my question. How can I get Textbridge to detect and use
AccuPage v2.0 like Presto! does, so I can use it instead of
PresicionScan 1.01? It seems that PrecisionScan is a resource hog. If
I use PrecisionScan standalone it takes a long time to load also. I'm
assuming that the long time it takes Textbridge to load and to perform
scans is due to the enormous amount of resources PrecisionScan pulls

Is there any method or magic I can use to get Textbridge to use
AccuPage v2.0? I'm sure there is someone out there who can help.

I don't want to get into the hassle of HP saying its a Textbridge
problem and of XEROX saying its a HP problem. I want an answer, not a

Thank you.

Robert W. Williams

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