Pool/Spa Automation

Pool/Spa Automation

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Wow this is my first time doing this so here goes:
We just had some pool-men out working on our pools electrical system (The
GFI was tripping - uh oh). I realized that our current AutoSpaIV (Based on
an X10 system) is nearly 10 years old. We are looking in to having the pool
re-plastered some time soon and I mentioned this pool control system to my
mom: http://www.pentairpool.com/pool_products/controls/intellitouch.htm. My
friend has a really nice control system that makes ours look really bad :-).
I started thinking that I could probably build (or add on to) my own pool
system using the X10 computer interface. We could have the user interface
running on two Iopeners (PC and LCD all in the size of a small LCD screen)
or something similar. What would be the best way to go about this? Right now
the X10 system controls the pool and spa lights, the waterfall boost, the
spa jets, the air spa, and the heater. What I would like is to be able to
see the temp of the pool and spa on the screen. I would also like to be able
to control what the heater is heating and how hot. The problem is the
heaters controls are all analog (Basically and older version of one of
these: http://www.raypak.com/rpspa2.htm). Would there be some way to adapt
the controls to be controlled by the computer also? One last thing is that I
can never tell if the X10 receiver got the command ok, so I always have to
go next to it and listen for a click. I have been doing home automation
searches all day but I am still not sure what I need. Thanks alot!

1. Is it possible to totally automate Pool / Spa with an X10 setup?

I'm currently having a pool / spa built.  The pool company has a standalone
system called Aqualink that allows you to control the pool and spa for about
$2500.  What I'd really like to do is install an x10 compatible system that

1. Control the pump
2. Control the pool lighting
3. Control the spa pumps (turn the necesary valves) and control the spa
4. Operate the "invisible edge" waterfall.

Is it possible to integrate all of these functions with x10?  I'd want the
system to be rock solid reliable.  I'd appreciate any advice on recommended
equipment, and useful links.  I'd love to hear from someone who has undertaken
such a project.



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