X-10 Sale at Radio Shack

X-10 Sale at Radio Shack

Post by Atomic Boo » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Just a note:

This week's (got it 9/4/96) RS flyer has their Plug 'n Power Heavy-duty
appliance module on sale for $9.99, along with a number of other X-10
modules and gadgets.  Worth a trip to the mall to see what else is on
sale. Oh, and the new RS Catalog is available according to the mailer I

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1. X-10 Sale at Radio Shack

Occasionally, Radio Shack puts their X-10 devices on sale.  Does anyone
know when RS is planning on their next sale?  

I've got a few devices to purchase, and RS really does discount them well
during a sale.

Thanks in advance!


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