Advice requested- registering HAL2000

Advice requested- registering HAL2000

Post by COneill » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 02:16:16

I purchased a copy of HAL2000 from Lowe's when they were discontinuing their
HAL.  I decided to stick with HomeSeer and had sold the HAL2000 to someone
else.  The problem came when they tried to register it, it wouldn't let them.
Based on talks with HAL support, it appears that someone else has registered
the software.  It is apparent to me that someone pulled the disk from the box
(which aren't shrink wrapped BTW) and copied down the registration code.  

I found my receipt and didn't realize until now that it says HAL Deluxe on it.
HAL will not delete the other code and give me one even though I have the
original box, software (still sealed), and receipt!  To me it's hard to believe
that they wouldn't,  when the other person just happened to register the
product first!

Any ideas?



1. *** HAL2000 *** HAL2000 *** Good News


Worthington Distribution announced today that HAL2000
software will begin shipping Monday, October 20, 1997.

The HAL2000 package includes CD Software, computer
interface, TW523, line cord, and Lamp Module.

HAL2000 software delivers what you expect voice recognition
software to offer in addition to all the other home automation
features you would expect from a powerful PC based program.

HAL2000 package price - $399.95
Dealer inquiries welcome.

HAL2000 currently supports the HAL interface, HIC two-way
module, X-10 CM11A, TimeCommander, TimeCommander-Plus,
Home Base, Home Base Deluxe, and basic support for
Stargate, Stargate Lite, and Home Base Pro.  Current IR
support is the EXP2, and security is the Napco Gemini 3200
and 9600.  Additional devices are supported beyond what we
can describe in this posting.  (I forgot Marrick Lynx family of
product is also supported.)

Future releases will include HAI Omni, Omni Pro, Aegis, and
AMP 1050 HMS, plus Home Vision.

Our first obligation is to fill all current backorders and to contact
all HAL2000 inquiries.  All new orders will be filled on a first
come/first serve basis.  Mention this posting and Worthington
Distribution will include a FREE Leviton 6230 Tabletop controller
(Maxi Controller), a $29.80 value.

Worthington Distribution
Orders 1-800-282-8864
Tech    1-717-226-7364
Fax      1-717-226-0470

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