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I don't know if mentioned for the wishlist, but a backlight for the stats
sure would be nice when trying to read in the evenings.
While I'm at it, how about a choice of different chimes or tones for when
one opens the entry doors. Mine just Beeps! once when I open my door. A
friend of mine had an alternate security system installed, when opening the
door I noticed a pleasant high/low 2 tone chime. Is this already possible
with the Omnipro 2?

1. Vuescan : wishlist.

If there's only one thing I'd wish for in Vuescan, it's
an index scan, (like, for example, the minolta scan s/w).
When I want to scan a few frames out of a strip of six
negs, I have to preview one at a time. Any chance of this
happening in the near future?

Also, when I was scanning some slightly underexposed Fuji
NPH 400, vuescan borked - the results were way too dark,
even with major tweaking of gamma, brightness and white
point, and colors were way too weird (green/cyan). Minolta's
s/w handled it darn well.

Of course, vuescan's multi-pass scan, and the ability to
write raw files is why I'm a vuescan faithful :)

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