IRLinc sample

IRLinc sample

Post by Jens Rats » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 02:39:39

Has anyone managed to write a program to talk to the Smarthome IRLinc?
 The sample application that comes with it is in VB6 and works, but
they don't provide source code.  The documentation that lists a VB6
'send' function is complete junk - the code doesn't even make sense.



1. 1623pc IRLinc & Linux help on RS232 protocol needed

The IRLinc 1623PC is running fine with Windows software (irlinc.exe)
build from old fashioned basic program. The program can be used on
command line from dos with a filename (e.g. as argument.

I've narrowed down the byte protocol to be used with this IRLinc device
from Smarthome. It seems to me the device is more capable as just
the irlinc.exe seems to provide (it can learn code which you can adfres from
the PC).

As I want to use this device from a Linux PC I start writing a C program for it.
However I need to know a bit more. Before I start discovering that with a RS232 analyzer
someone may already have that onfo for me?

baudrates the device is using. Is it using more as the RTS/CTS signal?

Currently my program hangs on getting the status back to the PC (no answer from IRLinc),
Is there a need to slow down sending bytes?

Any experience?



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