AD: noe Elk Products retail distributor

AD: noe Elk Products retail distributor

Post by Your One Stop Alarm Sh » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 03:48:48  is now a ELK PRODUCTS retail distributor.
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1. Reseller (retail) searching for a *real* distributor of X10

Call X-10 (USA) Inc. Closter, NJ at 201-784-9700 and ask for the name of
the distributor nearest you. If you're in Canada, call X-10 Home Controls
Inc. Mississauga (near Toronto) at 416-624-4446 or try 800-387-3346

  X-10 (and other) Retailer in Canada
  45 17'N, 76 09'W. (613) 839-1677

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