Anyone write any BASIC software for CM11a?

Anyone write any BASIC software for CM11a?

Post by David W. Hans » Thu, 11 Sep 1997 04:00:00

          I would like to write my own application for a CM11a. I don't seem
to be able to get the device to respond and must be doing something wrong. I
have the following simple program, but don't seem to get a checksum back from
the CM11a.

open "com2:4800,n,8,1,cs,ds" as #1
print #1, chr$(4);chr$(110);
input #1, a$
print asc(a$)
close #1

         Certainly my application will be more involved than this. I just need
to establish a method of communicating with the device before I continue.


David W. Hansen
Brooklyn, NY


Anyone write any BASIC software for CM11a?

Post by Ted P » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Yes, you can try my web site:  I'm
working on a Visual Basic program to command and monitor.



1. CM11A and software written for CP290

Can one use software that was originally written for the CP290 to
control devices through
the CM11A?  (I'm thinking not but hoping maybe)
The reason I ask is that I'm currently using ActiveHome but it's not all
that I need. Not being a programmer but yet wanting other functions
(weather, email notification) I managed to hobble an interface together
using Winbatch.
The problem with ActiveHome is there's no keyboard shortcuts to activate
one module at a time. To make it work now, I have to send mouse
coordinates through a Winbatch script to ActiveHome. Fantasic until I
add another module and the physical location on the screen changes or it
tries to run on a monitor with different resolution.
What I'd like is a software package that gives me the ability to control
modules using the keyboard through the CM11A.   DOS, Win3.1,
Win95....whatever. Any ideas?


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