replacing US style pins with Euro style pins on a module???

replacing US style pins with Euro style pins on a module???

Post by Justi » Mon, 08 Jul 2002 00:01:31

Hi all,

I have a couple of 220v appliances (halogen lights working though built in
transformers) which I would like to add to my X10 network. I have seen the
details on how to convert the modules from 110v to 220v, but would like to
be able to replace the plug/socket pins so that they accept/have round pins
for the European style plugs.

Has anyone managed to do this, and if so where did you get the pins from. If
not, did you just use adaptors?

I can use adaptors, but it's not a very neat solution, and would like
something better, without buying the very expensive x10 units from Europe.

Many thanks,


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