X-10 remote control UR86A

X-10 remote control UR86A

Post by Jim-S » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 04:40:17

The UR86A remote control works great with PersonalVS3, but does not
control the mouse outside of PVS3. It uses a USB receiver. Anyone else
using this remote and has figured how to use the mouse functions?
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1. Controlling non X-10 Rf from X-10.

After trying to figure out what to with my ceiling fans for a few weeks now
(they were all installed with no switches), I found an  RF remote control
unit for them.  I had read quite a few threads here about there not being a
very good X10 solution for ceiling fans.  I was pretty hopeful when I saw
that they had 16 different set bits for generating a unique RF signal.  I
thought it might be X10 compatible.  But I tried every house code with an
"All Units Off" and couldn't get it to do anything.  I looked on the web for
information on these controllers (Hampton Bay) and can't find any
information even on their frequency.

I would like to be able to control them from my X10 software and was
wondering if there was anything out there that could learn an RF signal that
I could control from my computer of from X10 controllers.


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