Question About Radio Shack Home Security System

Question About Radio Shack Home Security System

Post by rostama » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I don't have the part # handy, but my new RS security
system beeps and flashes a lamp module when tripped.
I would like to add a loud siren, but I probably would
need an appliance module trigger.  What could be done
here?  I was envisioning using a night light plugged into
a lamp module with a photocell taped to it to short-circuit
that X10 sensor which would turn on an appliance module on
another channel.  

Any suggestions?


Ross Russell


1. Radio Shack Sensors with Honeywell Security System

I have an existing Radio Shack wireless security system(Same as x10 I
think).  I have just purchased a Honeywell PC Controlled security system and
was hoping to use my existing window/door sensors with it.  Has anyone had
any luck getting them to work with the honeywell system.

The honeywell console doesn't seem to be recognizing the sensors.  I haven't
tried any of the other parts yet - lamp devices, motion detector, etc.


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