Computer Theft Protection

Computer Theft Protection

Post by Ingvar Grimsm » Mon, 21 Oct 1996 04:00:00

The computer is the most stolen item in the world! One of every 14
laptops sold is reported stolen. The airport is the most common place to
lose a laptop, but computers are stolen from homes and offices in
increasing numbers. The VIP International Computer Protection program
will help you protect your computer two ways, PREVENTION and RECOVERY.
Pls E-Mail me directly, and I will send you a two page information

Thank you.

P.S. Other valuables can be protected too!



1. computer surge protection experiment--setup advice?

As part of a summer electronics class project, some of us got some old
486's real cheap (like $5 each! Don't ask, weird story, they got some
problems), plus some ancient rgb monitors--so we were thinking of doing
some experiments with 'em as sacrificial lambs.

Specifically, we wanted to simulate electrical casualties of various a direct lightning strike to a house, a lightning strike
to a proximate structure (such as one that would cause a big spike thru
a telephone line), etc.

The purpose is to gauge what degree of damage would occur in various
situations, and write up a report.

So, since we can't await Mother Nature to cooperate....I am asking for
your suggestions on "artificial" ways to simulate such voltage/current
spikes.  Any ideas?

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