Home surveillance advice/suggestions

Home surveillance advice/suggestions

Post by Mark Atanovic » Mon, 30 Dec 2002 04:25:31

I'm looking for advice on the available options to visually record and
possibly remotely monitor activity within my home and adjacent property.
Here's my situation:

- I'm not concerned about "real" burglars.  For those types, I have a dog
that is pretty aggressive towards those she does not know.
- Those who I do intend on monitoring are not the sharpest tools in the
shed, so I don't really have to worry about them exploiting weaknesses in
whatever I end up using (e.g. jamming or otherwise disarming wireless
- I currently have a Linear SSD wireless alarm system (window/door and PIR
sensors).  FWIW, it is not centrally monitored due to false alarm and
response time issues.
- I'm currently running X-10 via an Ocelot and TW-523 power line interface.

Here are the minimum requirements for my system:
- The ability to simultaneously record at least two, preferably three,
locations for a predetermined amount of time when sensor/sensors are
- Low maintenance (e.g. I do not have to worry about making sure to rewind a
video tape every so often).
- Event storage needs to be robust (e.g. capable of automatically resetting
in the event of power loss).
- Date/time stamp for each event.

Some nice to haves:
- The system would send an e-mail to my pager advising me that an event,
such as a certain sensor has been tripped, was detected.
- The ability to remotely monitor activity, such as via a web browser.

Here are my priorities:
1. Reliability
2. Cost (my target is <$500 but will consider more if the benefit is there)
3. Detectability by the casual observer
4. Ease of installation

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year,


1. advice on setting up 4 cameras (home surveillance)


I need your expert advice on the correct way to
set up a house surveillance that consists of:

 - Four (steady) cameras around the house (color and
      with audio)  -  [Xcams possibly ???]

 - with 4 motion sensors that track any movement
   passing through them but not the dog that's in
   the yard. They will be installed on the fence.

 - an automatic system that records the camera (in
   my VCR for a few seconds) whenever the sensor that
   corresponds to that camera is tripped (triggered)

 - the cameras AND the sensors must be wireless (except
   for the power wire of course)

 - I also need to see the cameras signal on my TV and
   switch between the four, with my tv remote.

It sounds like an easy set-up, but I am going to make
an international order and I want to be sure I won't miss
any of the things that must be ordered. Can you please
point out to me the items I have to buy with their full
names (or codes) if possible ?

Another question: I am under the impression that these
motion sensors do not come wireless. If yes, then is there
any way to make them wireless with another device that
connects on the sensor an the vcr commander ?

thank you very much in advance.


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