Emacs modules for Perl programming

Emacs modules for Perl programming

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Announcement: "What Emacs lisp modules can help with programming Perl"


        Emacs is your friend if you have to do anything comcerning software
        development: It offers plug-in modules, written in Emacs lisp
        (elisp) language, that makes all your programmings wishes come
        true. Please introduce yourself to Emacs and your programming era
        will get a new light.

    Where to find Emacs/XEmacs

        o   Unix:

        o   Unix Windows port (for Unix die-hards):
            install http://www.cygwin.com/  which includes native Emacs 21.x.
            XEmacs port is bundled in XEmacs setup.exe available from
            XEmacs site.

        o   Pure Native Windows port

        o   More Emacs resources at
            http://tiny-tools.sourceforge.net/  => Emacs resource page

Emacs Perl Modules

    Cperl -- Perl programming mode


        CPerl is major mode for editing perl files. Forget the default
        `perl-mode' that comes with Emacs, this is much better. Comes
        standard in newest Emacs.

    TinyPerl -- Perl related utilities


        If you ever wonder how to deal with Perl POD pages or how to find
        documentation from all perl manpages, this package is for you.
        Couple of keystrokes and all the documentaion is in your hands.

        o   Instant function help: See documentation of `shift', `pop'...
        o   Show Perl manual pages in *pod* buffer
        o   Grep through all Perl manpages (.pod)
        o   Follow POD references e.g. [perlre] to next pod with RETURN
        o   Coloured pod pages with `font-lock'
        o   Separate `tiperl-pod-view-mode' for jumping topics and pages
            forward and backward in *pod* buffer.

        o   Update `$VERSION' variable with YYYY.MMDD on save.
        o   Load source code into Emacs, like Devel::DProf.pm
        o   Prepare script (version numbering) and Upload it to PAUSE
        o   Generate autoload STUBS (Devel::SelfStubber) for you
            Perl Module (.pm)

    TinyIgrep -- Perl Code browsing and easy grepping

        [TinyIgrep is included in Tiny Tools Kit]

        To grep from all installed Perl modules, define database to
        TinyIgrep. There is example file emacs-rc-tinyigrep.el that shows
        how to set up dattabases for Perl5, Perl4 whatever you have

        TinyIgrep calls Igrep.el to to do the search, You can adjust
        recursive grep options, set search case sensitivity, add user grep
        options etc.

        You can find latest `igrep.el' module at
        <http://groups.google.com/groups?group=gnu.emacs.sources> The

    TinyCompile -- To Browse grep results in Emacs *compile* buffer

        TinyCompile is a minor mode for *compile* buffer from where
        you can collapse unwanted lines or shorten file URLs:

            /asd/asd/asd/asd/ads/as/da/sd/as/as/asd/file1:NNN: MATCHED TEXT
            /asd/asd/asd/asd/ads/as/da/sd/as/as/asd/file2:NNN: MATCHED TEXT


            cd /asd/asd/asd/asd/ads/as/da/sd/as/as/asd/
            file1:NNN: MATCHED TEXT
            file1:NNN: MATCHED TEXT