comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of frequently wanted information

comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of frequently wanted information

Post by Ignatios Souvatz » Wed, 15 Dec 1993 23:02:16

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                         1. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR



       Information wanted

1.0 Important Announcement

   This is the beta-release HTML version of the FWI. Not all of it is
   html't yet, not all possible links to ftp sides etc. have been inserted,
   and probably there are damaged or out-dated links in it as well. Oh,
   yes, there is no decent TOC or index yet. You have been warned.

   Beginning with 1993 Aug 23, it will be frozen fortnightly and posted to
   the newsgroups comp.protocols.ppp, news.answers and comp.answers instead
   of the original text version. Due to the automatic translation, some
   relicts of hyperlinks might remain in it.

   It is also splitted in 8 parts, some of which are quite short, but I
   felt that ~1600 lines (last wc on the text version) is too much. You can
   check for changes in the text-version by looking a the last-modified:
   field of the postings.

   The major version number has been changed to 3.

   I'll be out of town (and country) for the 'til end of September, so
   don't expect fast reactions to your suggestions. i.s.

1.1 Introduction

   I took the Information in Ed Vielmetti's FAQ files, my personal
   experience, and lots of stuff from comp.protocols.ppp, and built a new
   document. Later, lots of people contributed at one or the other place.

   This document will be reposted fortnightly, as soon as it is fairly
   stable, and weekly till then. Changed sections should be marked in the
   Table of Contents with a ! or + for something got added or - for
   something got deleted.

1.2 Information Wanted

   If you have experience with anything mentioned here, or know of newer
   versions, or of versions of software for other hardware/OS, or ... send
   me mail. I'll include it and possibly mention your name, if you don't
   express otherwise.

   *** Read on here. Cover page here.

        Ignatios Souvatzis
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