Acorn ftp and mail-server archives (fortnightly posting)

Acorn ftp and mail-server archives (fortnightly posting)

Post by Gerben V » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 11:50:31

Archive-name: acorn/archives
Last-modified: 1994-1-25

  This is the regularly posted list of archive servers that contain files
related in any way to Acorn computers, i.e. the Atom, BBC, Electron,
Archimedes and R-series, and maybe some even rarer types of machines.
Mainly it's about the Archimedes, though.

  This list is maintained by Gerben Vos <> (people in the UK
may want to try the address Please mail any updates or
remarks to me, as i can't check everything by myself (though i try). Thanks to
all people who have sent me helpful information or pointers; this list
wouldn't have been what it is without your help.

  There is also a list with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the
Acorn newsgroups. It is called the "Comp.Sys.Acorn FAQ List Posting", and the
maintainer is Philip Banks <>. You should be able to
find it at the same place where you found this article.
  One of these places is the archive site (, which
stores many FAQs in the directory pub/usenet/news.answers . The name under
which a FAQ is archived appears in the Archive-name line at the top of the
article. This list is archived as acorn/archives, the FAQ has as name
acorn/faq . There's also a mail server on that machine: if you want to
retrieve the latest version of this list, you can send an e-mail message to containing, without the quotes, the text
"send usenet/news.answers/acorn/archives" in the message body.

  This article lists the name of every interesting archive i know of, as well
as the type of files it contains, its numeric address in the case of Internet
ftp servers and Janet pads, and the email address of the maintainer, if known.
  Below that follows a list of the directories to look for with a short
description of their contents.

  Below the main list are two short sections which tell you how to use
Internet ftp by e-mail (using the ftpmail service), and from Janet.

  When requesting files from servers, always try to use a server that is as
near as possible to you. And keep in mind that the people running these things
are doing you a favour, so please don't abuse their services.

Changes since some arbitrary time in the past:
- The newsgroup archive at has been removed.
- The Newcastle info server will close down soon.
- Maintainer corrections for,
  and .
- Added .
- Added and (ArMaTuReS (TeX) mirrors).

Copyright (c) 1994 Gerben Vos.
Distribution for non-commercial purposes is unlimited and encouraged, but you
may only distribute the entire article, including the editorial text.

What this [ABT]? stuff means:
        A=Archimedes, B=BBC/Electron/Master, T=Text documents,
        ?=couldn't reach it, may be temporarily down

Format: [ABT]? site-name (numeric-address) (email-address-of-maintainer)
For the meaning of [ABT]?, see above.

[ABT]? ( (,
    acorn                            Acorn modules, files and news
    archivers                        Archiving utilities
    CLIutils                         Non Desktop utilities
    comms                            Communications applications
    demos                            Demos
    desktop                          Desktop utilities
    editors                          Editor applications
    educate                          Educational applications
    emulators                        PD emulators for the Arc
    fileutils                        File utilities
    fonts                            Fonts/font applications
    games                            Games
    graphics                         Graphical tools/utilities
    languages                        PD languages for the Arc
    sound                            Music/sound applications
    printutils                       Printer utilities
    progutils                        Programming utilities
    unix                             Unix ports to the Arc and RiscIx stuff
    virus                            Virus killer programs
    archivers                        Archiving utilities
    comms                            Communications applications
    editors                          Editor applications
    educate                          Educational applications
    fileutils                        File utilities
    games                            Games
    graphics                         Graphical tools/utilities
    sound                            Music/sound applications
    printutils                       Printer utilities
    progutils                        Programming utilities

  This archive is *only* reachable from within New Zealand. It holds public
  domain software for all makes and types of Acorn machinery as well as the
  latest updates of release software from Acorn (Shared C Libraries and
  similar things).

[.B.] ( (
/pub/beeb:                           Some BBC utilities

[A..] ( (nobody)

  Occasionally contains interesting stuff, usually announced on the net.

  "This FTP account exists only to provide a means of getting files to or
  from Acorn should there be an urgent need. It is not an FTP server and
  there are no plans to create one at the moment."

[A..] ( (?)
pub/misc/riscos:                     MPEG and other Archimedes software

[A..] ( (
/pub/ArMaTuReS:                      ArMaTuReS (TeX)

  This is probably not the newest version. See also Stuttgart and other sites.

[A..] ( (
/pub/archimedes:                     Archimedes programs

  Sorted by date, this archive contains most submissions to Newcastle, as well
  as some other software.

[.BT] ( (
/pub/ajcd/BBC:                       Some BBC programs and documents

  Contains programs by the maintainer, Angus Duggan.

[A..] ( (?)
/pub/archimedes:                     Dialup IP, PGP and Usenet software

[..T] ( (
/newsarchive/comp/sources/acorn:     Three months' worth of comp.sources.acorn

[A..] ( (
/pub/soft/minix:                     ARM-Minix

[A..] ( (
/pub/acorn:                          Archimedes software
/pub/incoming/acorn:                 Upload directory

  This is a small site, with a slow connection and not much space, so it
  can't cope with too much. At the moment it just has stuff by Conrad and
  Merlin Hughes in it; it's easier for them to distribute that way.

[..T] ( (
/pub/newsarchive/comp/sources/acorn: Three months' worth of comp.sources.acorn

[.B.] ( (
    32016:                           32016 2nd processor utilities
    Submissions:                     Upload directory
    archiver:                        Archiver (there are more in Submissions)

  This is the archive of the BBC mailing list, .

[A.T] ( (,
/incoming/arm:                       Upload directory.
    Archimedes-Info                  Documentation and information
    Other_Sites                      Index files from various places
    !Fonts                           Several PD fonts
    DTop_silly                       Some silly applications for your desktop
    Demos                            A few demos for the Archimedes
    DeskLook                         Utilities to "improve" your desktop
    Editors                          Contains text-editors and utilities
    Games                            A few games for you to enjoy
    Library                          Command-line utilities incl. GNU software
    LineGraphics                     Line/object-oriented graphics programs
    Math_Fracts                      Mathematical programs incl. fractals
    Misc                             Items not fit into any category yet ;-)
    Music                            Audio programs
    PixGraphics                      Pixel-oriented graphics programs
    PostScript                       PostScript(tm)-related utilities
    Programming                      Utilities to help with programming
    RUCP                             Uucp and news software
    Utils                            Lots of utilities
/pub/arm/src:                        Source-code for a few programs

  The file /pub/arm/Index is notoriously outdated, but ls-lR,FFF and
  Archive-Index,FFF (contents of Sparkives) are automagically kept up to date.
  Read DOWNLOAD-INFO for more helpful hints.

[A..] ( (?)
/archive2/acorn:                     ArMaTuReS (TeX), mirrored from Stuttgart

[A..] ( (
/pub/tex/systems/acorn/riscos:       ArMaTuReS (TeX) and ArmTeX 3.14
                                     ArmTeX 3.14 (also on other sites?)

[A..] ( (,
/incoming/acorn:                     Upload directory
    acorn                            Acorn libraries
    applications                     Complete packages
    beginner                         Programs to unpack files
    demos                            Demos
    education                        Educational programs
    fractals                         Fractal programs
    games                            Games and cheats
    incoming                         Upload directory
    misc                             Miscellaneous
    packers                          Archivers
    sound                            Sound utilities
    tools                            Miscellaneous utilities
    viruskiller                      Virus killers and detectors

[A..] ( (
/pub/thp/acorn:                      See

[A..] ( (
    antivirus:                       Anti-virus utilities
    archivers:                       Archivers and decoders
    coredump:                        The Coredump electronic magazine
    database:                        Database programs
    desktoputils:                    Desktop gadgets
    docs:                            Documentation
    editors:                         Editors
    fontutils:                       Fonts & font utilities
    fsutils:                         Disk utilities & filing systems
    games:                           Games
    graphics:                        Graphics, fractals and drawing programs
    incoming:                        Upload directory
    lang:                            Languages and libraries
    math:                            Mathematical programs
    misc:                            Miscellaneous
    netutils:                        BBS, terminal, dialup IP and UUCP programs
    ro3:                             Risc OS 3 utilities and programs
    simulation:                      Simulation programs
    sound:                           Sound utilities
    tex:                             TeX distribution
    unixtools:                       Ported Unix utilities

[AB.] ( (
/incoming/acorn:                     Upload directory
    minix:                           ARM-Minix
    riscix/unixtools/gnu/gdb:        gdb (Acorn diffs only)
    archivers:                       Archivers
    beginner:                        Programs to unpack files
    comm:                            Communication programs
    lang:                            Languages (Assembler and Small-C)
    antivirus:                       Virus killers
    archivers:                       Some archivers
    beginner:                        Some of the same and other archivers
    cad:                             CAD programs?
    comm:                            Communication packages and utilities
    comm/msdos-disk:                 MS-DOS disk readers
    database:                        Database programs
    editors:                         Editors
    etc:                             Miscellaneous
    fromUTS:                         Contents of the old Manchester archive
    lang:                            Languages, libraries, debuggers
    maths:                           Mathematical programs
    newsoft:                         New software, per month
    problems:                        Programming problems & answers
    unixtools:                       Many ported Unix and GNU tools
    util:                            Utilities and fonts
    util/sys:                        System utilities
    oldtex:                          ArMaTuReS (TeX), old version
    texadditions:                    TeX-related files
    texupdate:                       Updates to the old version

[A..] ( (
/pub/tex/machines/acorn/riscos:      ArMaTuReS (TeX), mirrored from Stuttgart

[A..] ( (?)
/.u2/oldnews/comp/binaries/acorn:    comp.binaries.acorn archives
/.u2/oldnews/comp/sources/acorn:     comp.sources.acorn archives

  Unsure if these directories are still supported.

[A..] ( (
                                     comp.binaries.acorn archives

[AB.] ( (?)
    a:                               Kermit for BBC+Z80 second processor
    c:                               Kermit for BBC, Cambridge Workstation
                                     and Archimedes (under Arthur)

[AB.] (, Janet numeric address 000010403000) (
/kermit:                             Kermit in subdirectories ac, ar, bbc, cp
/micros/arch/riscos/a:               Archimedes programs
/micros/arch/riscos/b:               More Archimedes programs
/micros/arch/riscos/tools:           UUDecode, Arc, SparkPlug2
/micros/bbc:                         6502 programs

  There is also an upload facility. You should then log in as "uploads",
  password "uploads":
/arch-riscos:                        Upload directory

[A..] ( (
/pub/replay:                         Replay movie of shuttle launch

[A..] ( (?)
/software/sources/TeX/systems/acorn: ArMaTuReS (TeX), mirrored from Stuttgart

[AB.] ( (?)
/incoming/acorn:                     Upload directory
/pub/acorn:                          BBC and Archimedes software, ularn

[A.T] ( (
    denis:                           Archimedes software
    doc:                             Interesting text files
    other:                           More Archimedes software

  Also accessible by gopher.

Format: [ABT]? email-address-of-server (email-address-of-maintainer)
For the meaning of [ABT]?, see above.
See also the section below on ftp-by-mail services.

[..T] (
Section: FAQData                     The FAQ and Acorn machine list
Section: Public                      Arc documentation and informational files

  Requests *must* have as subject "ServerMail" (case is important, omit the
  quotes), and the body should be of the form:

  Section: FAQData
  Send: <filename>

  This server contains FAQ-like data which isn't asked frequently enough to
  post it regularly on the net. Note that this server is at the wrong end of
  a 2400 baud dialup connection, so frivolous requests for large files will
  not be appreciated.

  [More info should appear here on how to obtain a help file and an index.]

[A..] (
topic: archimedes                    Archimedes software

  Albert has decided to stop providing the Newcastle Info Service:

  "After consultation with my system people it has been decided to take the
  info server offline on March 1st. At this date the (by now very old) info
  server software will be removed completely, so that the archive will no
  longer be accessible."

  "Many thanks to all the people who have contributed to the archive over the
  years - you have made a lot of people very happy. Please send your
  contributions to hensa from now on."

  Requests are of the form:

    line-limit 1000
    request: sources
    topic: archimedes <filename>
    request: end

  An index is available under the filename "index". There is also an index of
  (ar)minix software available as "am_index", and a list of the last 50 files
  added to the archive as "tail_index".

  If you don't receive a reply, try including a Reply-To: line in your mail
  header, specifying your e-mail address (or edit your From: line). If that
  doesn't work, try specifying the domain part of your address in reverse
  order (e.g.,, or route it via a major Internet backbone,
  (e.g., Mailers in the UK generally get
  confused by addresses starting with "cs", which they think means
  "Czechoslovakia", but this can happen with any address which has a top level
  domain at both ends.

[AB.] (
/kermit:                             See under "ftp servers".
/micros/arch/riscos/a:               See under "ftp servers".
/micros/arch/riscos/b:               See under "ftp servers".
/micros/arch/riscos/tools:           See under "ftp servers".
/micros/bbc:                         See under "ftp servers".

  Requests are of the form:

    send <filename>

  You can obtain a help file using the command "help".

Format: [ABT]? site-name (numeric-address) (email-address-of-maintainer)
For the meaning of [ABT]?, see above.

[AB.] (, Janet 000010403000) (
/kermit:                             See under "ftp servers".
/micros/arch/riscos/a:               See under "ftp servers".
/micros/arch/riscos/b:               See under "ftp servers".
/micros/arch/riscos/tools:           See under "ftp servers".
/micros/bbc:                         See under "ftp servers".

  Also accessible by gopher.

If you can't use ftp directly, these servers can do it for you:

- bitftp at pucc                     (only from within Bitnet)

  Requests for the ftpmail servers are of the form:

    open <site>
    cd <directory>
    dir                              # To obtain a directory listing
    get <file>                       # To retrieve a file

  Send "help" to find out more.

  I don't know how bitftp works; try sending "help" to it.

Most Janet sites are now connected to the Internet directly, including all
archives mentioned here (so Internet users don't need a gateway anymore), but
if you are on Janet and can't use Internet ftp, try:

- ( (login guestftp, password guestftp)
- (using hhcp from Janet)

More information can be obtained by logging in to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . G e r b e n   V o s   <><