More Hicom 300 problems

More Hicom 300 problems

Post by Abel du Plessi » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 18:10:19


Does anyone know how to go about switching the 'message waiting' indication
on/off for an extension using CAPI? With analogue interfaces it's easy: you
simply dial a special code, followed by the extension number.
Are there some special messages I need to send on the D-channel to achieve

Also, when I put a caller on hold, the caller is not getting the Hicom's MOH
signal. The local Siemens tech reckons it is because I am putting the caller
on hold on my end and not in the PBX. Any advice? I was thinking that using
the correct CAPI facility request will do the trick.

Thanks in advance.

Abel du Plessis


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