Early B3 Connect problem

Early B3 Connect problem

Post by Werner Henz » Sat, 03 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi Nils,

when sending the initial LISTEN_REQ you may consider to turn on
bit 9 (0x200) and not bit 8 (0x100). Please see the documentation
for LISTEN_REQ and Info mask.

BTW, if you CAPI-Trace is complete and you did not snip some lines
off, I believe your CAPI driver is not CAPI compliant. The reason
for this is the note at MANUFACTURER_IND in the CAPI spec:
"This message shall not be sent from CAPI without initial application
request from an application by means of MANU_REQ.".
HJO, any comments on that?

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Early B3 Connect problem

Post by nils becke » Mon, 05 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi Werner,
thank you very much for your answer. It solved the problem I had. The
CAPI i am using is the one from AVM (latest version). I cut some lines
off though so maybe that's the reason the MANUFACTURER_IND is not making
I have a couple of other questions:
Where do I get the information about the Data that is send in the
Do I have to reply and how? (I know MANUFACTURER_RESP but with what DATA.

Where can I find the ETS 300 102-1 and Q.931. (for information on the
data send in the Info Number and Info Mask from  INFO_IND)

Thank you in advance!



Early B3 Connect problem

Post by Werner Henz » Mon, 05 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi Nils,

the format of the data in MANUFACTURER_ messages depends on the
manufacturer of the CAPI. So you will have to ask the CAPI
manufacturer for a specification.

If you do not know what to send (/how to format data) in the
MANUFACTURER_REQ and -RESP you definitely don't want to send
MANUFACTURER_REQ and therefore will not get any MANUFACTURER_IND
and therefore will not have to reply with a MANUFACTURER_RESP.
That's all and it is so eays :-).

CAPI specification:
1. http://www.capi.org/ (CAPI spec)
2. http://www.etsi.org/ (ETS 300 102)
3. http://www.itu.int/ (Q.931)
4. ftp://ftp.redcom.ru/pub/CCITT/ (Q.931 like on 3 -> but illegal!)

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Hello All!
I tried an early B3 connect exactly using the specs (sending CONNECT_B3_REQ
at INFO_IND when info mask is CALL PROGRESSION (after i sended INFO_RESP)).
I get from CONNECT_B3_CONF the info word 0x2001 (message not supported in
current state). I suppose early B3 connect is not implemented? Anybody know
more exact things about? I was trying with a FRITZ card. Who knows about
widly implemented CAPI_INFO messages to detect BUSY, OPEN LINE, RINGING,
HOLD MESSAGES ("Kein Anschlusss unter dieser Nummer")? Q.931 is very nice
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