WTT: P50(U) for P50(S/T)

WTT: P50(U) for P50(S/T)

Post by Jay Olso » Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have an Ascend Pipeline 50 with the 'U' interface (i.e. built-in
NT-1). I would like to trade it for an Ascend Pipeline 50 or equivalent
with an S/T interface, so that I can use an external NT-1. If you want
to include the NT-1, that would be fine. In that case, I can also offer
a Pipeline 75.

I would prefer to deal with someone in the San Diego, California area.

For more information, or to make an offer, e-mail jjo "at" triton "dot"


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We are attempting to do some testing with our networking software here, and
want to simulate an ISDN WAN connection with two Ascend P50 routers we have.  
Is it possible to connect the two routers together *WITHOUT* ISDN lines from
our Telco, via some eqivelant of a null cable for the WAN connectors?  If so,
how do we handle SPID entries?  It would be to our financial advantage to not
need the ISDN lines, but so far have not had success in locating this
information anywhere, including waiting till Hell freezes over for a response
from Ascend.

Barclay McInnes,

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