Help! Zyxel Omni 128 to Sunlink ISDN 1.03?

Help! Zyxel Omni 128 to Sunlink ISDN 1.03?

Post by Charlie Richm » Fri, 28 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I admit it.  The docs for SUN's ISDN software are baffling to me.  And
my Zyxel docs don't give me enough to go on to configure my Win95
dialup to deal with SUN.

My Win95 setup works fine to my ISP.

I've been given 2 SPIDS/2DNs for my SUN's DMS-100 by Bell Atlantic (and
told to use NI-1.)  

(I'd prefer to reserve 1 SPID for use by another TA on the S/T bus, but
I haven't even got the basics running now.)

Sunlink 1.03 (and the patch) are installed on my Sparc 10, and my NT1
reports that both interfaces are up.

Win95 makes the call and reports that the SUN is not answering the phone.

Has anyone set up their SUN to support PC-based access this way before?

How do I handle PAP/CHAP?  Can I do a 1B compressed connection?
(I'll take what I can get.)

Thanks one and all

Charlie Richman
ICF Information Technology


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Can someone tell me what are the differences between this two models?
Zyxel and omni TA 128

And as they external adapters, the computer can be off to use the
analog ports? Can i answer an analog phone call? Or a analog modem on
other computer? Does they steal too much CPU power?

Do you think this is a good ISDN adapter?
How about Diamond NetCommander (internal one)?

Help, can't decide

Sorry for this newbie questions, but a i'm a ISDN newbie ;)

Many Thanks


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