3com impact & cuseeme video

3com impact & cuseeme video

Post by Les Ditte » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am using the impact on a power mac with Cu-Seeme video conference software.
Firmware version 2.0d.

The thing works for a while ( 5 min ) , then the connections transfer rate goes
to zero and things start timing out.
Since cu-seeme uses UDP type packets , I suspect that 3com has not got these
to work yet and have a flow control problem. They won't answer my e-mail to
this subject either. To me this seems to confirms the problem. I would like
to know if it is a known bug or not. Thats all.

Cu-seeme works fine on a direct ethernet to T1 connection with the same

Anyone else tried CU-Seeme with the Impact ?

Les Dittert , RFX Inc. Hollywood CA.


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Darrin "ISDN" Rodriguez

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