Hayes USB ISDN TA and Toshiba

Hayes USB ISDN TA and Toshiba

Post by Kev » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 21:24:28


I am trying to intall a Hayes external USB ISDN TA (model
08-15710-A)on a Toshiba Satellite M10.  After installation of drivers
the PC blue screens.  The message gives no indication of whats wrong.

I have tried the TA on three other Toshibas (different models) and
they all do the same.  Two of these have Win 2000 on them rather than
XP.  It makes no difference if the laptop is USB 1.1 or 2

The TA installs OK on a HP laptop (XP) and a Viglen PC (W2K).

I have tried the drivers off the CD (v3.09a) and also newer ones
downloaded from Hayes web site

Is there a problem with this TA and Toshiba laptops?  If so does
anybody know how you resolve it or give me some ideas as to what might
be causing the problem




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Martin Edwards

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