Question on getting Ascend P75's w/ NAT + Appletalk

Question on getting Ascend P75's w/ NAT + Appletalk

Post by Lee Gate » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

So, I've been going round on this for a little while and thought I'd run it
by folks here.

We have users with Ascend P75's w/ both win and Mac clients at their end -
they need simultaneous connectivity for both platforms.  We are dialing into
a max 4000 - authenticating via RADIUS.  All has been working well, but up
until now I've taken the easy way out and been doing bridging.

Now that AppleTalk routing has been out for a little while, and I now
understand what NAT is, I think that I want to try:

IP - solved with NAT - means that I only need to assign one address to the
client modem instead of bridging
AppleTalk - solved with AppleTalk routing.

Although I haven't experimented with this, I think that it would work.  But
in some other reading that I've done, it appears that it may be more
advantageous to determine if it's possible to do AppleTalk encapsulation in
IP.  Thus, either P75 or the Mac client would do the encapsulation.  I have
a vague recollection that it's faster to do encapsulation (escapes the
chattiness?) than raw AppleTalk routing.

What device on the LAN side handles the decapuslation in this case?  The max

Does anyone have an experiences with a situation like this --



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I have the Ascend Pipeline 75 (S/N 724xxxx) software 5.0B.
I am connecting to a ISP using Ascend MAX hardware.
I would like to get my IP dynamically from my ISP for my P75, then use
NAT to translate to my networked computers.
Ascend tech support says will not work until they release 5.1B of the
software.  Any ideas on when the software will be released?

Are there any workarounds for the time being?  I am sitting here with a
very expensive ISDN line that is sitting idle for over a month.

Thanks alot.

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