using BTConnect with ISDN (Netopia router)

using BTConnect with ISDN (Netopia router)

Post by Ben Rubinstei » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:26:58

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I'm struggling to set up a Netopia R3100-S ISDN router to use a BTconnect
dial-up account, and looking for help.

* I can connect to the BTconnect account OK - same access number, username
and password - using ordinary modem.

* I can connect to a Demon dial-up account OK on the ISDN router, using
configuration identical except for the access number, username, and

* BT support confirm that the access number should work with ISDN.

When I attempt to connect, the router's log shows the following:

    PPP: PAP  authentication failed, Channel 1
    Reason: Remote refused our authentication attempt

I also trying changing the authentification method from PAP to CHAP: this
produced an excitingly different result, in that it appeared to authenticate
but instantly disconnect.  From the log:

    PPP: NCP up, session 1, Channel 1
    Final (fallback) negotiated auth: Local NONE, Remote CHAP

    PPP: CHAP remote accepted us, Channel 1
    Remote name: <six letters>

    PPP: MP negotiated, session 1
    Remote EDO: 06 01 <12 hex digits> 0

    Requested Disc. from DN: <btconnect number>

    Received Clear Confirm for our DN: (not supplied)

The switch from PAP to CHAP was suggested by the BT support person we spoke
to - however they had nothing to suggest about the instant disconnection,
nor indeed about the signifigance of CHAP apparently authenticating when PAP
didn't - indeed, they also couldn't explain the difference between PAP and

Any suggestions, or just light cast, would be gratefully received.




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