Advice on testing needs sought...

Advice on testing needs sought...

Post by Steven Gallache » Fri, 01 May 1998 04:00:00

Dear ISDN Colleague,

I am quite new to the field of ISDN, and have just completed a mini
project in developing an ISDN test system (one of my many roles within
my organisation). However this project has to some extent been carried
out in isolation, with minimal user input, and LOTS of reference to
European standards. I find that I now have an appreciation of 'what the
system/network' needs, but have no feel for what 'the user' needs for
ISDN testing. I have therefore decided to embark on a mini user pole to
hopefully provide me with an appreciation of the test needs of other
companies and ISDN experts.

May I therefore ask you to take 5 minutes out from your day and respond
to the following questionnaire. There is no 'hidden agenda', nor will
you be bombarded with e-mails if you reply (as so often happens to me
when I respond to something on the Internet!!!). By responding you will
simply be giving me a bigger sample to analyse and hopefully provide a
clear picture of trends in ISDN test.

Many thanks in advance for your participation,

Steve G.  ;-)


Name                :

Company             :

Position            :

Location            :

1. Do you have any present or future needs to test to any of the
   following interface types? (tick all that apply):-

                 E1 :
                 E2 :
                 E3 :
                 T1 :
                 T2 :
                 T3 :
         Basic rate :
               ADSL :
                ATM :
   Other (specify ) :

2. What ISO layers are tested at these data rates ?

        Application :
       Presentation :
            Session :
          Transport :
            Network :
               Data :
           Physical :
   Other (specify ) :

3. What areas of telecom equipment development and/or manufacturing are
   you working in at the moment or in the foreseeable future?

4. Are you involved (or will be in the future) in designing or
   manufacturing 2Mbit, primary rate interfaces in telecoms products?

5. What are your present and future testing requirements? (tick all that

   Type of Test      Present Need      Future Need     In-house/External
   ------------      ------------      -----------     -----------------
   Functional Test
   Final Test
   Audit Test
   Conformance Test
   Others (specify)          

6. Testing to
   which Standard    Present Need      Future Need     In-house/External
   ----------------  ------------      -----------     -----------------
   CTS / Net5
   Others (specify)

7. What test equipment do you presently use?

8. Is the equipment

   manually controlled :
   semi-automated      :
   fully automated     :

9. If applicable, which of the following Primary rate layer1 groups of
   tests do you perform ? (tick all that apply)

   Electrical Characteristic Tests  :
   Functional Characteristics Tests :
   Interface Procedures Tests       :
   Power Feeding Tests              :
   None of these                    :
   Others (please specify)          :

10.Which of the following test development packages do you use:-

   Labview          :
   HPVee            :
   Others (specify) :

11.Which platforms do you use?

   PC                :
   Unix Workstation  :
   Custom Controller :
   HP                :
   SUN               :
   DEC               :
   MAC               :
   Others (specify)  :

12. What are your views on performing in-house conformance testing
    instead of sending equipment to conformance test laboratories?

13. What is your company's views on self regulation? How it will it
    affect you?

14. Any other comments please add here:


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that it can recognize it.  Is there a loop back test or some other way
I can connect these cards to a simualted network in an easy way to
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