Information needed BADLY please help.

Information needed BADLY please help.

Post by Paul B. Thompso » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hello I was told by a freind that maybe you guys can help me with my
problem.  Well here it is I live in tillamook oregon (503 Area Code) Sprint
for a local phone company.  Now here's were ISDN comes in I've called the
sprint offices asking if they offer isdn in my area, a few say yes and offer
to sell it to me others say no it's not avaliable in the area yet.. I spent
three days getting info on isdn modem.. isp etc and this *at the sprint
offices is really pissing me off, so I am wondering if anyone can help me
find a definitive answer is the service avaliable in this area or not...  I
also tried emailing sprint but I get email back saying that the email
address is invalid.. please help me I really need the ISDN badly..

Paul B. Thompson


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      I'm having some trouble with winrpi. Whenever I run netscape with
winrpi enabled, my system craches or sometimes it simply jumps back into
dos with a white colored patch at the upper right hand corner of the
screen. My init string is at&c1&d2&k3+h3s95=1 and my modem model is
Smart One 14,400bps Class 1 fax modem. Please help!!!!!!!!! Please
mail me. Thanks in advance!

Tzun-Wei Lee

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