Need NJ ISDN ISP w/static IPs

Need NJ ISDN ISP w/static IPs

Post by Laurie Krame » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I'm moving from Maryland where I have a cable modem to
Somerset County in New Jersey (area code 732) where I
won't even have cable tv.  I telecommute to a company
in California which is behind a firewall, and will need
a couple of static IP addresses from an ISP who provides
ISDN service.

So far my web searching has turned up  I
would appreciate hearing about any others.

Laurie Kramer

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1. anyone know of an ISP in NYMetro with static IPs for ISDN?

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong NG, but it sounds right... ;-)

I'm wondering if anyone knows of an ISP in the NYMetro area that gives
static IPs for ISDN accounts?

We signed up with Earthlink a month ago, but discovered they don't offer
static IPs, which we need, to setup our little VPNs back to HQ...

TIA for any info, or even a good place to search - doesn't allow
search on features.

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