Help on Toshiba TR 650 with USWest

Help on Toshiba TR 650 with USWest

Post by Saswat » Tue, 18 Apr 2000 04:00:00


I have the following configuration:

Taken service from USWest with ISDN and 8 static IPs. When I am
connecting to USW they are supplying a static ip from my subnet to my isdn
router i.e., from the ip set of - they are
assigning to the router. I have registered 2 domain names.
I am using the free web space provided by USW for one of the domain name
and wants to use my own web server (Windows NT 4.0 with IIS 4.0) for the
other domain name. To access the 2nd domain I have to route users from
internet to come to my network.

                     /   USWest                         \-------------/
                     / Router                           \-------------/
              |    |        |       |       |
              |    |        |       |       |
         (Workstn1)|   (Server1)    |   (Server2)
       (192.x.x.10)|  (192.x.x.1)   |   (192.x.x.2)
                   |                |      
               (Workstn2)      (Workstn3)
              (192.x.x.11)     (192.x.x.12)

Questions are:

1. How should I map other to etc?
2. Is this possible if they assign an IP from my network to the router?
3. Anybody have this problem, should we upgrade?

Earlier we were with Verio and they had given another IP address from
their set to my router and everything were working smoothly.

All inputs will be welcomed.



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1. Suggestions for new user and Toshiba tr-650/tr-653a help

I am scheduled to have isdn installed the 13th and have been
looking into T/A's and routers.  The TR-650/TR-563a
(samething) has caught my eye because of its price and
functionality.  I have two questions, though.

1.  I read a post somewhere that said you can not map ports to
local ip addresses with the toshiba.  Has the latest firmware
from last month changed that?  If not, can you set the router up
to work with one computer that would have a valid global
ip(would this be possible with one server assigned ip from my
isp)?  I ask this because some games and services like won't work unless you map these ports.

2.  With BAP can you set the router to disconnect both B channels
after a certain time frame with no activity?  If I am
understanding right, it isn't very easy to manually
connect/disconnect with a router.

Thanks for your help ahead of time.  As you can probably tell I
am a newbie.  Any other suggestions for routers/ta's and
isp's would be great.  Thanks.

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