Gandalf 5242 routing

Gandalf 5242 routing

Post by Anna » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi everyone!

We have to Gandalf 5242 edge routers connected through ISDN link with
static routing tables. Both tables have routes for each of these tow
routers, but we issue when we try to traceroute any IP address which is
on the second router's subnet we get the first router twice and never see
another one. This "trick" works both ways. Moreover, if we attempt to
telnet to any of these routers, the "closest" router always replays, no
matter that it's not its IP address.
Any help will bw greatly appreciated.




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We are a small college about to connect our campus LAN to a small LAN at newly created
faculty office site.  Each LAN runs Novell 3.12, one over Token Ring, one over
Ethernet 10bT.

Nevada Bell has already installed 2B+D ISDN lines at each site.  The next step is to
connect the LANs over these lines via Gandalf ISDN boxes.  (One box is a
5240i, the other a 5242i.)  Before I get too carried away I'd like to get some
idea of the proper configuration of these boxes for a Novell network.  Traffic
for now will be strictly IPX.  In the future we plan on using Gandalf boxes to
connect to a router at the University of Nevada, Reno, for our Internet access.

I only know enough about NW to keep myself out of significant trouble and would
appreciate any help to keep it that way.

George Brooks
Sierra Nevada College

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