Post by lionfo » Wed, 28 May 2003 23:56:51

Hello I have acquired a working (or suppose to) AT&T Integrated
Services Digital Network 2B1Q Installation and Maintenance Test Set,
it includes a AT-T
ISDN 7506 unit (phone) and ITE-6674 tester, I have been trying to find
information on this unit so I can use it in my home lab or at least
see if it works for what I need.

Any help would be great.....

Thanks, LFX>


1. need info on old NuBus-ISDN card for Mac

I have 2 old ISDN card for Mac...

some tech-info I could see on the board:

manu    - made and sold by Apple
bus     - long Nubus
cpu     - MC68HC000
dram    - 1meg
nr      - 820-0268-09
made    - 1990
osc     - one at 40MHz and one at

it has some connectors as well:

- NuBus   :-)
- 1 with 3 thick pins - power?
- 1 with 4 small pins telephone-style
- 1 with 8 small pins. same style as the one with 4 pins.

I need driver-software and som tech-info. How fast can they
transfer data. I want to establish a peer to peer network.

I have seen a ctb-tool for this card, do you have a copy?

I need info, or place to look for info. My local AppleDealer
did'nt know anything!


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