AT&T ISDN 2B1Q IMTS, need information , or manual.

AT&T ISDN 2B1Q IMTS, need information , or manual.

Post by lionfo » Wed, 28 May 2003 23:59:29

Hello I have acquired a working (or suppose to) AT&T Integrated
Services Digital Network 2B1Q Installation and Maintenance Test Set,
it includes a AT-T ISDN 7506 unit (phone) and ITE-6674 tester, I have
been trying to find information on this unit so I can use it in my
home lab or at least see if it works for what I need.

Any help would be great.....

Thanks, LFX>


1. Info Needed on ISDN 2B1Q Countries

I am gathering info on the use of the 2B1Q code:

   - What countries have decided to follow the ANSI-T1.601-1988
     specification for the U-reference point ?

   - What countries are leaning towards it ?

   - The question more generally can be put, "What countries
     have adopted or are adopting the '2B1Q line code' ?"

I am interested in the information from all countries: North & South
America, Europe (Eastern Europe incl.), Far East, Middle East,
Australia, N. Zealand, Africa ...

Please mail me your information, and I will summarize it to the network
or individuals, if there is an interest.

All input will be very gratefully received. Thank you very much everybody.

Czeslaw Piasta

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