Anyone renting ISDN TA's

Anyone renting ISDN TA's

Post by Rob Worm » Wed, 03 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello All-

I'm trying to find a way to rent some ISDN modems for about a week... can
anyone give me any leads?  (all the local computer rental places here in
Columbus, OH say they don't carry any)

rob worman
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1. Anyone want to trade ISDN TA's or routers for DEC gear?

    I have plenty of Terminals, X-terminals, and 19" monitors of DEC make.
A lot of Suns are about to come into my possession(4-series), too, if anyone
is interested.

    I'm looking for any sort of ISDN TA or router that you might have and
would be willing to trade for.

    -Kent Rankin

P.S. - I also have access to some DECServers and VAXStations right now.

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