dial-in with pppd

dial-in with pppd

Post by fart » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 23:03:14


im trying to setup a dial-in server with pppd-2.4.1.
card is AVM FritzDSL.latest drivers from avm.de are installed.
latest capi4l also.
I type 'pppd call isdn/me'

Jul 14 15:53:26 lin pppd[964]: Plugin capiplugin.so loaded.
Jul 14 15:53:26 lin pppd[964]: capiplugin: $Revision: 1.32 $
Jul 14 15:53:26 lin pppd[964]: capiconn:  1.7
Jul 14 15:53:26 lin kernel: kcapi: appl 2 up
Jul 14 15:53:26 lin pppd[968]: pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Jul 14 15:53:26 lin pppd[968]: capiplugin: phase serialconn.
Jul 14 15:53:26 lin pppd[968]: capiplugin: waiting for incoming call ...

looks good, but theres no pppX device listet by ifconfig and
calling the number results in
'the caller you called is temporary not available'

plugin capiplugin.so
controller 1
msn 12345
protocol hdlc

tried without /dev/null - same effect. dunno what its for.

thx for help


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