Layer Down 3Com Impact/PacBell

Layer Down 3Com Impact/PacBell

Post by Steven Tu » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>I'll let everyone know how this turns out and I appreciate the comments.

PacBell has resolved the problem. It was related to the ISDN line.
When the telco employee arrived yesterday the ISDN line was logging
errors consistently which made the diagnosis easier. Several weeks ago
the errors were much more random and unpredictable.  I must say that in
all I found the experience satisfying.  3Com swapped out the box (no
questions asked) to rule it out as the problem. PacBell was all over the
place with customer service, some very good people really went the extra
mile, while others just put in their time.  The last technician who's name
was Roger really impressed me with his dogged determination to solve the
problem and his obvious concern for the welfare PacBell's customers.

All in all a good experience and my ISDN line works!

Steven Turk
Calabasas, CA


1. 3com Impact IQ and PacBell troubles

Hi -

I have a 3com Impact IQ (firmware 3.10) that I use with Windows 95 to
connect to PacBell as my ISP. Rarely am I able to get a consistent bonded
2-b channel call. Most of the time, both channels will connect but the
second channel will drop within 1-2 minutes every time! Pacific Bell has
checked the line and 3com has checked the modem and both are fine. The ISP
portion of PacBell is unable to offer any help. Has anyone had an similar
experiences or could offer any tips for curing this problem? Please reply
via email if possible as PacBell's newsgroups updating is lousy at best.

Thanks in advance -

Matt Pepper

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