New cFos ISDN and DSL driver with internet tuning available

New cFos ISDN and DSL driver with internet tuning available

Post by cFos New » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 22:53:35


Today we released the cFos DSL and ISDN driver versions 5.10 of

      cFos NT/2000/XP
and   cFos Win9x/Me,

They are available at

This is a maintenance version with the following improvements:

* Accelerated calibration for cFos Traffic Shaping (allows
  faster file transfer and accelerated surfing)

* Nice UIs for the Online Budgets and the Connection Report,
  including automatic help for common problems

* Message Waiting Indications (MWI) are now indicated in the
  Call Monitor

* Bugfixes,...

New since version 5.00:

* The first real surf acceleration (internet Tuning) by
cFos Traffic Shaping. For more info, see

What is cFos ?

cFos is a DSL and ISDN driver for use with the dial-up network and/or
nearly all modem programs in order to communicate via ISDN and/or DSL
(PPPoE). cFos has tons of additional features which allow for optimal
use of your DSL and ISDN connections.

Get your cFos here:

Our WWW (world wide web) site :

Our FTP server :


There are two mailing-lists on cFos.  One is for discussion and the
other one is solely for the announcement of new cFos versions.
Find out more about it here: