Anyone selling TA's??

Anyone selling TA's??

Post by Venk » Thu, 07 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>Is there another newsgroup for people selling TA's?  I am looking for a
>replacement for my Shitsurfr.


        Ascend Pipeline 25s ($620+sh) offer more features (compression/rotuing
options as well)

Specs on  Systems and on available MBs from

Asus/ DEC Alpha AXP / Cyrix / GigaByte / EDRAM(Octek) / Intel / Micronics
/ NexGen / SuperMicro / Tyan and NetWorking-ISDN Equipement from

Adtran / Ascend / Cisco / Digiboard / Motorola / 3Com  are on WEB pages below

Venkat Thirumalai

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1. Selling Netowrks in Sunny Scottsdale - selling to the Novell's GroupWise market

Sales Representative - Product Specialist
(position now available)

Qualified individual will service domestic accounts by selling our clients
Mail Central product to the GroupWise market. Essential knowledge and skills
include: 3 years corporate sales experience in software industry; thorough
knowledge of sales practices and principles; good knowledge of Novell's
GroupWise marketplace; proficient in PC skills and the use of sales
automation systems; effective interpersonal and communication skills;
thorough knowledge of GroupWise server structure and the challenges a
GroupWise administrator faces; and a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in
business or computer systems (IT).

Salary is open.


John D Allen
Leveridge & Friedman INC
v1(602) 899 9341.
f1(602) 899 3548.

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