Strange Sound while answer phone

Strange Sound while answer phone

Post by Yi-Fan K » Wed, 19 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Dear all,

I am a new user of ISDN.

I have an analog phone connect to TA,
the phone works fine while dialing out.
but sometimes, I can hear a strange tone while answering a phone.
The tone sounds like the "dial tone".

What is wrong with it?
The phone company had sent someone to my home,
and replace everything with a new one.
The strange sound is still there.

Help me!


1. Answering Machine OGMs (was How I Answer the Phone)

I wouldn't worry about including too little information in your OGM.
People apparently don't pay much attention to these messages; our
experience is that they'll leave messages for the wrong number/person
regardless of what the outgoing message says.  We've tried using our
phone number in the OGM, and when that produced too many wrong
messages, our names, but still we often get messsages for wrong

Mostly we get calls from doctors and dentists confirming appointments
for people we've never heard of.  Once we got yelled at for the floral
arrangements "we" supplied having leaked water on the deceased.
Recently, we got a message saying how much the caller liked our OGM,
yet the message wasn't for us (figure that!).

Motorola Codex, 20 Cabot Blvd C1-30, Mansfield, MA  02048-1193

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