Bitsurfer Pro and Linux

Bitsurfer Pro and Linux

Post by Ben Cantri » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

>Can anyone help me setup linux with a bitsurfer pro. I have had
>absolutely no luck with the isdn subsystem and can only get connected

  External? If so, have a look at

Quote:>Please respond by email.



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Bitsurfer Pro and Linux

Post by Channone Ar » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone help me setup linux with a bitsurfer pro. I have had
absolutely no luck with the isdn subsystem and can only get connected

Please respond by email.


1. Multilink PPP (MLPPP), Linux RH 5.0, Bitsurfer Pro ISA


I've been trying to get MLPPP working from a linux box running Redhat 5.0
for a few days now.  I can connect fine over 1B, and can use the other B for
voice calls.  It's obviously (I'm assuming here so watch out) not a case of
bad SPIDs/DNs because both Bs work.

Some info:

ISDN phone co: Bell Atlantic
ISP: Buffnet (uses Ascend routers)
Linux hardware: an old Gateway 486SX/33 w/ Pentium Overdrive 83, 32M, 256k
cache, 5.4G among 3 HD's, scsi card with some external periphs, Cabletron
E21X, and 10x CD.
Linux software: kernel 2.0.34, pppd 2.3.5, all patches listed by Redhat are

That leaves a few choices:

    Basically this configures the modem to use MLPPP and DOV.  FYI, the
manual I have does not list the Factory Profiles correctly.  AT&F0
configures the modem for Single-link PPP (I verified this by checking the
relevant AT settings listed).  The dial string I use is ATD1234567&7 which
was recommended by Motorola tech support, which differs from the manual.
The manual lists two ways of dialing: after the & repeat the number; just
include the &.

2) The card isn't configured properly under linux.  Currently it is
recognized as COM3 on IRQ3 at 0x3e8 and I use setserial to configure it for
spd_vhi.  Here's my options file from /etc/ppp:

connect "chat -vf /root/mypppscr"
user <myuser>
lcp-max-configure 30
asyncmap 0x00000000
mru 1024

Here's the chat script file:

'' +++ATZ

OK ATD1234567\&7 CONNECT

3) The modem has a defect or there's a problem with the line.  Inside I'm
using Cat 5.

Any ideas?  I'm going to try and get a number from Mot Tech Support where I
can attempt an MLPPP connection and they can monitor things, or have them
connect to me.  I've already done this with my ISP and no matter what I've
tried nothing happens with the 2nd B.  I will also contact BA and have them
run some tests.


Andrew Chaplin, Computer Operator
Information Technology Services, Canisius College
chaplina at canisius dot edu (remove devnull when replying via email)

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