capi & "Anlagenanschluss"

capi & "Anlagenanschluss"

Post by J?rg Singendon » Thu, 14 Aug 2003 02:06:09

Hi capiexperts,

What will is different if an BRI Card Like AVM Cx or Eicon Diva Server BRI
will be connected to german Telekom "Anlagenanschluss" ?

How is the Calling Party Number send if caller is sending digit by digit ?
Ist there a standart in the CAPI ? Eicon is sending capi Codes for the
digits which I can collect to complete the number but is this seems not to
be a standart :-(also undocumented)

Anybody knows avm, hst , gerdes or others ?

I need  this for a capi interface which will work on most (all?) CAPI
compliant interface for a UMS - dialin application with flexible number
format. i.e. 4-9 digits variable numbering. (due to vanitycodes) specialy
when dialed digit by digit. En block seems seem's interpreted like an MSN.

i.e user 1 has xxx-1234 (while 12345 is still useable when send en block by
user 2 has xxx-33332
user 3 has xxx-33333
user 4 has xxx-222234 and so on (-22223 cannot exist in this case)

thanks in advance
J?rg Singendonk
(programmer not telco expert)