Using POTS port for Analog 56k - what TA?

Using POTS port for Analog 56k - what TA?

Post by Curtis Myer » Sun, 31 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hopefully, my situation is not rare....

I am in southeast Michigan with Ameritech for my local telco.  I cannot get
anything greater than 26,400 bps connections despite the fact that I am
using a v.90 56k modem.  I dial into multiple locations (ISP, work, etc.)
and experience the same limitations.  I have conducted the "line test"
offered by USR and the report tells me that my line is not capable of 56k
due to mulitiple D/A conversions between my home and the CO.

I am considering ordering ISDN and then using the POTS ports on a TA to
(hopefully) improve my analog connection speed.  I plan to mount the TA in
my ba*t where the demarc is.  I will then utilize the two POTS ports for
regular phone service and analog dial-up.  At this point, I am not
interested in getting an ISDN account with an ISP - besides, I have to log
in to multiple dial-in points and would be a little happier with a
connection of better than 26,400.

Assuming that the above idea is not too crazy, can the users of this
newsgroup suggest an external TA with 2 POTS ports that will fit the above
solution?  I am looking for something that is relatively inexpensive
(<$150).  I do not want an ISDN router - just a plain TA with two POTS

Thank you in advance for your recommendations.



Using POTS port for Analog 56k - what TA?

Post by Darwin Collin » Sun, 31 Jan 1999 04:00:00

fyi...  for Dallas.

. Ascend / NetGear ... doesn't support V90 on a pots port.
. ISP charges the same amount for analog line vrs one-channel ISDN.
. ISDN is a flat-charge and is simply faster than V90.
. ADSL is available for about $40/month. (some areas now)
. CableModem is available for about the same (some areas now)

V90...   downloading upto 53k if lucky.   uploading upto 33k usually.
ISDN (1b)  downloading and uploading 64k
   (thats if you use just one channel)

Then, add compression.


1. Analog modem calling over TA's POTS port

Greetings all:

I've just subscribed to GTE's residential ISDN service here in Venice,
FL (south of Tampa Bay) and purchased a ZyXEL Omni TA 128 external BRI
terminal adapter with 2 POTS ports.  I have a U.S. Robotics Sportster
28.8/33.6 v.34 external modem whose line jack is connected to one of
the TA's POTS ports.  The problem is that when I dial out with the
Sportster, get the other modem to answer and begin negotiating the
connection, the modems just squawk at each other for a minute or so,
and disconnect without ever having made a connection.  It appears they
can't successfully negotiate a connection.

I've tried different modems on my end, calling different modems (even
other ISP's), changing the phone cord, serial line, serial port,
various register settings on the TA, either POTS port (thinking it
might be just a bad connector), etc. - all to no avail.

I've spoken repeatedly with both GTE tech support (who say it's the
modem or TA's fault) and ZyXEL (who say "huh?"), and gotten lousy
service so far.  So on to the *real* source of technical support,
USENET!  If anyone out there has had experience with trying to run
traditional analog modem or other modulated service over the "voice"
or POTS ports of various TA's and had (and solved) similar problems,
please drop me a line - I'v nearly run out of things to try, and by
the time these vendors get a clue ADSL access to the home will be

Thanks very much in advance for your help.  Please CC replies to

Joe Lilly

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