Declaring DLL-Imports for C#

Declaring DLL-Imports for C#

Post by Michael Meie » Mon, 09 Jun 2003 05:08:54

I'm trying to create a Class-Library for CAPI programming using C#. Does
anybody know how to declare the DLL-Imports of the functions contained in
capi2032.dll or has already done this?

Thanks, Michael


Declaring DLL-Imports for C#

Post by Kay-Uwe Schreine » Mon, 09 Jun 2003 16:12:36

I have writen a SDK for .NET, with this it's simple to send and receive CAPI
All messages and structs are full decoded. (in progress).
Each message and each struct ist a class with declared parameters.
If you are interesting, I can send you a beta version.
Short infos about this SDK you can find at

But if you not wish to use this, her is a sample.

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
public static extern uint CAPI_REGISTER(
uint MessageBufferSize, // Size of Message Buffer
uint maxLogicalConnection, // Maximum number of logical connections
uint maxBDataBlocks, // Number of data blocks available simultaneously
uint maxBDataLen, //Maximum size of a data block
ref uint pApplID// Pointer to the location where COMMON-ISDN-API should
place the assigned application identification number

public static extern uint CAPI_PUT_MESSAGE(uint ApplID,IntPtr pCAPIMessage);

public static extern uint CAPI_GET_MESSAGE(
uint ApplID,
ref IntPtr ppCAPIMessage

public static extern uint CAPI_GET_VERSION(
ref uint pCAPIMajor,
ref uint pCAPIMinor,
ref uint pManufacturerMajor,
ref uint pManufacturerMinor

The definition of the many structs and sub structs are very difficult and
very time-consuming.
I have needed over 200 hours to complete it.

best regards


Declaring DLL-Imports for C#

Post by Kay-Uwe Schreine » Mon, 09 Jun 2003 16:42:36

Base informations can be found in COMMON-ISDN-API  Part II - Operating
Systems at

best regars


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