Pipeline 75 not dialing ISP?

Pipeline 75 not dialing ISP?

Post by N7R » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 07:44:26

My computer connects via its internal modem and not via the Pipeline
75 its attached to via an ethernet card. The Pipeline is assigning the
'puter an IP and the 'puter sees the Pipeline's IP as the internet
gateway, but uses its internal analogue modem anyway.

I can't tell if there is something set wrong in the Pipeline's config
or the laptop's. How does the Pipeline know that its supposed to
dial-up the ISP? How does the laptop know it's supposed to get its
internet packets from the Pipeline and not via its internal modem? I'm
obviously missing a key link here.


Pipeline 75 not dialing ISP?

Post by N7R » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 08:41:40

More -

When I ping the ISP's server, the Pipeline's status window reports and
outgoing call to the ISP's dial-in ISDN, then reports that the call is
connected, then pings four times with the reques timing out each time,
then the Pipeline reports that the call is terminated.

The ISP says that I'm not connecting when I do this.

Why does the Pipeline think that I'm connecting? What settings might
be wrong?


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Thanks, Ken

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