I-CTR 3 Document

I-CTR 3 Document

Post by Trendte » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I need to get a copy of I-CTR3 : 1994 document. If you know where I can get
it, please drop me a line at

Thanks in advance


1. IDS Incident Handling - IEV CTR VMS

I have both a IDS4215 and IDSM-2 sensor up and running. Using VMS to
upgrade sigs, apply filters ...  Setup/Tried CTR (still not smart
enough). IEV looks most promising for our HelpDesk to
Problem: Data Entry with Status & Notes somewhat cumbersome. No
reports on Notes/Status. Since IEV uses MySQL DB, could write report
writers / forms .  Has anyone else had same situation ?  Any tools ?


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