AT&T 8510T set: software question

AT&T 8510T set: software question

Post by Jeremy Green » Thu, 02 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have an 8510T phone with the built-in data module. Anyone know what the
latest National-ISDN-compliant software release is called? I have feature
set 3.1 in the phone now (custom only). I also have an EEPROM chip that is
labeled "AHPFH FP SI2_1.0  846878833." It will supposedly update my phone to
National, but I don't know what feature set it is - 2, 3, 4...

Also, is it possible to do CTI with this phone, without buying AT&T's
expensive software?



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I have an AT&T 8510T and AT&T 7506 ISDN  phone set with FP3.6 and FP3.2,
respectively.  Both exhibit the VOICE CALL BLOCKED symptom when lifting
the handset.  The SPID entry permits 11-digits for each phone.   SBC
informed me that the SPID should be "01 + 10-digit number + 0101 or 011".
I can complete an outgoing call after receiving an unanswered call to the
ISDN phone.  The SPID is set to "0 + 10-digit number".

I have the phone connected to an ADTRAN NT-1 ACE S/T port.

I have a residential ISDN-BRI  Capability package U line.  SBC stated that
they have mine connected to a 5ESS switch at the CO.  I have confirmed
that my line is provisioned for voice and data on both B-channels.

I read several instances where these phones operate well in similar
applications.  I gratefully request information that can sort out this

Kevin S

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