api funktionen

api funktionen

Post by Utz J. Pa » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

hallo, wer kann mir eine Liste der Rckgabewerte von capi 2.0 geben?
Was bedeutet z.b. 4360 bei put_message?
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api funktionen

Post by Tobias Erichse » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>hallo, wer kann mir eine Liste der Rckgabewerte von capi 2.0 geben?


Quote:>Was bedeutet z.b. 4360 bei put_message?

4360 = 0x1108 = OS Resource Error (e.g. no memory)



1. QMS API error: API NWQAttachServer returned error code: ea

I am using the Novell SMS backup on a remote NW5 server.  Recently, when
starting the backup program, during the loading of QMAN, the following
error code was returned "QMS API error: API NWQAttachServer returned error
code: ea"  The closest error message that the Knowledgebase is: "QMAN.NLM
QMS API Error: The API NWQScanJobNums returned error code 9c".

The solution in this TID deals with DS problems but the fix is to unload
smsdi, run "smdr new" and then "qman new".

I tried this, and after running "smdr new", SMDR returned with an error
message "Could not obtain configuration information/create configuration
file".  I checked the trustees of the OU and found that [Public] was
missing.  I added [Public] ran "smdr new" and "qman new" and now the users
can run the backup again.

I'm not sure what fixed the problem - "smdr new" or, "qman new" or,
[Public] as a trustee or, a combination of all of them.  However, I'm happy
that it works, the users are happy that it works and that's all that

So, if you have a similar problem, try this fix.


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