BitSURFER Pro Multilink PPP

BitSURFER Pro Multilink PPP

Post by Dav » Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: >
: >I have a BitSurfer Pro TA, and don't quite understand how
: >to setup multilink PPP.  I've looked through the 3 or 4
: >lines of documentation, and it doesn't seem to explain how
: >to configure multilink PPP.  Where do the secondary phone
: >numbers go?

: Check page 7-2 of your user's guide for details.  Basically you
: use two phone numbers as follows:

: ATDT5551212&5551212

: Nothing could be simpler.

A slight digression:

So, by showing two instances of an identical number, does this indicate
that the remote is provisioned as a P-T-P line, vs. multipoint?  I'm
still a little confused about multipoint, multiple directory numbers,
multiple SPIDs, etc.

And...if I get my BRI at home configured as multipoint, does that mean
that I can assign three different directory numbers to my BRI, one
for incoming data calls, and one for each POTS port on the BS/Pro?

Man, I need a book on this...:o)


1. BitSURFER Pro Multilink PPP

Ok here is what I have set up with Windows 95 ..

firstly make sure you have an DMS-100 or A.T.&T. 5Ess switch and you
have Multi Point as the switch protocol from your phone co .. (NOT
POINT TO POINT!) .. then you take the two tele numbers and spid
numbers and enter one for data and then the next number for voice one
. then enter the second voice number the same as the date info ..
this way you will be able to have voice and data on both "B" channels
. make sure in your motorola BITsurfr pro that you talk to it VIA a

leave the session you save your global settings! .. make sure you have
the protocols set to PPPC .. and you line speed to 56 or 64 which ever
you have .. the dailing string passed before the call is made is as
follows for two "B" channels at 56k ..

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